Starting in September each fall potential baseball players have several activities which lead up to

         2017 Champions – “Extra Bases”

the “HSE Victory Challenge”.  During September players are on the field for individual work led by the seniors.  At the end of September two teams are determined and these teams play a three game baseball series.  Starting in October there are three days a week in the weight room.  In November the group is divided into four teams and begin to complete in team competitions and team building events.  In late November and early December weights continue and there are six days of team competition.

In mid-December a 45-55 minute run with various exercises and activities are combined to challenge the athletes is a variety of ways – starting on the track and finishing by crossing home plate on the varsity baseball field.  The team accumulating the most points from the competitions are the winner of the Victory Challenge.  This concludes the fall and winter conditioning program and athletes can focus on semester exams.

          Early Morning Workout