Royals News · Athletic Re-Opening Plan (2.0) – Posted July 2nd – Please Read Carefully!

Athletes and Parents –

It is a Great Day to be a Hamilton Southeastern Royal.  As information changes we will continue to update our website and we will encourage coaches to communicate through their distribution list.  We are asking for your help as we begin workouts on Monday, July 6th.  We could not be more excited to have athletes and coaches back on campus, our goal is keep them safe and healthy.  Below are guidelines for all teams that plan on practicing/conditioning in the month of July.  We encourage you to read through them and make sure you understand what is expected as we return to on campus workouts.

 HSE Schools ECA Re-Entry Plan

Athletics Re-opening Flyer

The first one is the HSE Schools Re-Entry Plan for all Extra Curricular Activities, the second is a flyer designed specifically for athletics.  A reminder that parents should screen their athletes each day and if  your son/daughter shows signs and symptoms of COVID-19 we would ask that you contact your doctor, communicate with coaches, and our athletic trainers and PLEASE, do NOT send them to workouts.  This is not about being tough, this about being safe.  This is the time to be a Great Teammate!

Athletes will need to bring a bag with the following items each day to workouts.

  1.  Mask/Face covering
  2.  Water Jug
  3.  Large Beach Towel
  4.  Hand Sanitizer

Finally as part of the re-entry process our school district has put together a video and ECA Summer Activity Consent and Release form that all athletes and parents must watch and sign prior to the first day of workouts.  Below is the link to the video and online sign-off form.

HSE COVID 19 Precautions

Hamilton Southeastern ECA Summer Consent and Release Form

Questions, concerns, please contact your coach or the athletic office.  If you are little anxious and nervous about coming back on campus, we are too.  That is why I am reminded that We Are In This Together and it is our responsibility to do our part to make sure we have a safe and healthy return.

Someone asked me this week, is all this worth it?  My immediate response was YES!  Whatever we have to do to get our coaches working with our athletes we are going to do.

Enjoy your Holiday Weekend, we look forward to seeing some of you next week.