Royals News · Updated GIRLS SOCCER Calendar

Please see this link for the updated GIRLS SOCCER calendar.


Workouts start July 6th. Are you ready??  You must have the following items completed to start the workouts:

  1. 2020-21  Health History Update and Consent & Release Certificate – 2020-21 Health History Update and Consent & Release Certificate  This is new this year from the IHSAA and can be done electronically online with the link above.  Reminder that if an athlete answers YES to any of the seven (7) questions on the Health History Questionnaire, they must get a new 2020-21 IHSAA Athletic Physical and turn it in to the athletic office prior to working out.
  2. IHSAA Physical- IHSAA Physical Form Reminder that a physical done in 2019-20 will be valid for this year as long as it is done on the IHSAA Form and an athlete was able to answer NO to all the questions on the Health History form above.  All IHSAA physicals from the Class of 2024 were transferred from their Jr. Highs.
  3. Rank One Consent Forms – Rank One Online Forms – These must be filled out/signed each year.

If a new physical is required, it can be scanned and emailed to the athletic office: