Royals News · Nancy Clingman Day – Monday, June 1st

Nancy Clingman Day – Monday, June 1st 

Not sure as Athletic Directors, Greg or I have the power to proclaim Monday, June 1st as Hamilton Southeastern Athletics “Nancy Clingman Day”, but we are going to give it a shot.  Tomorrow is Nancy’s last day as the administrative assistant in the athletic office.  She will be retiring after 20 years at Hamilton Southeastern and 14 1/2 in the athletic office.

Nancy Bleeds Blue! She has been a constant supporter of our athletes, families, coaches, and Greg and I.   She is a cheerleader, mentor, and #1 fan to many of our athletes.  Nancy understands the value of high school athletics and she does everything in her power to make sure our athletes and their families have a great experience during their 4 years at HSE.  I love to watch Nancy with a new student athlete at Hamilton Southeastern, she invests in their lives and makes sure the know that they are now a part of the Royals family.

This past week I asked Nancy to reflect on her time at Hamilton Southeastern…

  1. What have you enjoyed most during your time at HSE?  I have enjoyed the people and students that I work with the most. I love all kinds of sports so working in the Athletic Office made me feel like I was in my element.  Working and talking about sports all day long was a dream job come true.  Watching the games/matches with people that I love was icing on the cake.
  2. As you retire what will you miss about HSE?  Everyone in my Royal Family!!! The people.  Jim and Greg!!  All of the students that I have had the pleasure of getting to know over the years has been a blessing in my life.  All of the coaches that I have had the pleasure to work with, talk to, get to know has also been amazing.   I will miss all the laughs we shared over the years, the funny stories we have shared, all the victories we have experienced together, our RADIO moments!!
  3. Do you have a favorite memory from your time in athletic office?  No way I can pick one favorite memory, there are too many. Gary and Zak and all their jokes and laughs.  Girls basketball  and baseball winning a state championship, volleyball state runner-up, Boys basketball sectional championship with Tyler Jenkins, Eric Davidson, Grant Leach.  All the athletes present and past that have touched my heart by coming back to visit me after graduation.
  4. What is it really like to work with Jim and Greg?  Greg and Jim have become part of my family, they are like my brothers. We have had so many laughs together, some tears, we’ve worked hard, and enjoyed quiet moments when we can sit in the office and just talk (which didn’t happen often enough).  They were kind, understanding, supportive, the best bosses anyone could ever ask for!!
  5. What advice would you give our athletes?  Enjoy every minute you have because before you know it that time will be over. Don’t take anything too seriously, enjoy life and the experiences you have.  Allow there to be bumps in the road and learn from them.  Branch out and try something different!
  6. Got any thank you’s as you reflect on your time at HSE?  Thank you to all of my colleagues at HSE for making the last 20 years such an enjoyable experience. Sometimes I wouldn’t even call it work because I LOVED MY JOB!!    Thank you to Jim and Greg for putting up with me and being part of my family.  Thank you to our coaches for making me feel a part of your team.
  7. OK Nancy, what are your future plans?  Once the world opens up again and the pandemic is not so scary, I want to travel within the United States and possibly to Europe. Italy is at the top of my bucket list.  I want to find a great cause and volunteer my time.  I want to spend more time visiting my daughter and son-in-law in North Carolina.  I want to go to a beach and chill with a drink in my hand.  I want to come back and watch the Royals compete!  I’ve asked for an application to join the 3 Wisemen in the front row.  They told me they would have to review the application and see if I’m approved!!  (these are true words 😊).

Please join Greg and I, our coaches, and our athletes in saying a BIG THANK YOU to Nancy Clingman on a job well done.  We are so sorry your last year at HSE did not finish the way we had hoped it would.

Thank you for “Taking Pride in the Royals”!  We know you will use your Lifetime Pass to Hamilton Southeastern Athletics to continue to support the Royals!  Enjoy your retirement Nancy, you deserve it, especially for putting up with Greg and I only daily basis.  We love you!