The Victory Challenge from Kristy Seitz on Vimeo.

The HSE Victory Challenge is an event that took place over a period of six days where prospective HSE baseball players, freshmen through seniors, are divided equally into teams to compete against each other of varsity relays and strength activities.  Team names were “Bat Flip”, “Extra Bases”, “Team Laser Show”, and “Team Vapor Trail”.  On December 8th, the HSE baseball fall conditioning/team building season came to a close.  It was 21 degrees with a brisk wind as four team totaling 64 prospective HSE players started the final round of the Victory Challenge, with the Victory Run.  “Team Vapor Trail” won the “Run” with a time of 51 minutes and 23 seconds.  “Extra Bases” accumulated the most team points over the course of the 6 days of competitive to win the Victory Challenge.